It’s All in the Packaging – Part 2

When it comes to selling your home, it becomes a product on the market. It’s a proven fact – products sell faster when they are beautifully packaged. It evokes certain emotions within people.  I know when I see something creatively and beautifully packaged, I’m more curious and receptive to finding out more about the product.

So believe it or not, when home sellers have their home staged, (beautifully packaged), it will do the following . . .

  • Play up your home’s natural qualities by emphasizing the focal point of a room, whether it be the fireplace in the living room or the bay windows in the bedroom.

·        Make an older home look contemporary instead of dated.

·       Create emotions for potential buyers to fall in love with the space.

·       Give potential buyers a more accurate picture of a room’s dimensions, allowing them to envision their own furniture and possessions in that space.

·       Create a lasting impression on buyers especially if they have been viewing many homes that day.

·       Stand out above other homes on the market!

These are a few of the benefits of staging a home for sale.

The right packaging can make all the difference when it comes to getting your home noticed, remembered and sold.


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