It’s All In The Packaging – Part 1

“Wrapping” Your Home to Sell Fast

How many times have you bought an item because you liked the container it was in?  The other day I saw a lady holding a pretty container with lip gloss in it.  Lip gloss is lip gloss is lip gloss, right?  But the container was so pretty it made me feel like I had to have it.  I WANTED to buy it.  Marketers know that things will sell better if they’re put inside an appealing package.  In fact, many consumers base purchases, particularly impulse ones, almost solely on the basis of a package that they liked.

What’s in the packaging?  It’s not the service, and it’s not necessarily the product. It’s an emotion.  People love to buy beautifully packaged items which means they love to buy on emotion: how it makes them feel. This applies to any kind of purchase, whether it’s lip gloss, food, a car and, yes…. a house.

What does this mean for you as a home seller?  When you sell your home, package it effectively by making it look beautiful and it will sell before the competition.  Your “package” must evoke an emotional response, even if ever so subtly, from a potential buyer.

Purchasing a new home is sometimes as stressful as selling a home.  Home buyers often look at dozens of homes in the span of a couple of days.  It can be overwhelming and exhausting.  These negative emotions can get in the way of a buyer seeing your home for what it really is: a warm, wonderful place to live.  The key to helping a potential buyer get past those negative emotions is to evoke positive ones.  A potential buyer will gravitate toward a home that makes them feel excited, peaceful, serene, content, and happy.  Packaging your home through effective staging can help create those emotions while giving buyers an authentic sense of the qualities of your home.  When buyers have many other homes to choose from, this may very well be the thing that gives you the edge you need to sell faster and to get the price you want.  In fact, if you are not proactively selling your home, you may be inadvertently selling your neighbour’s instead.

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