Where do homes sell first? The first glance online of your realtor’s social media or online listing can make or break the opportunity to bring a buyer over for a showing. Sell your home online first, and have it Staged to be attractive and interesting immediately. Staging works, as realtors know, buyers know, and sellers know.

With all the design shows, people have certainly had their expectations raised of what to look for in a space. We provide expert consultations and can take those plans through to completed staging in a short time.

Whether a home is Vacant, or currently Occupied, Home Staging happens quickly and prepares a buyer for a sense of space, warmth, light, cleanliness, and design. Using elegant layouts, our team presents a comfortable, lively home for buyers to preview both online and in-person.

Vacant Staging

We bring in all needed decor, furnishings, soft elements, and can recommend any interior colour changes and other elements needed to take a space from cold and empty to lively and attractive. Ask us about full vacant staging packages that work with our budget and time frame.

Vacant Staging Project Gallery


Occupied Staging

Living in the property presents challenges for the seller to keep the space neat and tidy, so adding simple decor, furnishings, and elements needed for comfort is our challenge. From the first look, we redesign each room to bring in more space and an updated impression of the property. We design to sell, quickly, and for the best possible return.

Buyers want to see no work, feel like they have room to move in, smell a fresh clean environment, and we ake a lasting impression with enough of a Wow factor to be impressive from the first look online.

Before and After Home Staging Gallery

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