Verna 2013

Verna Hutchinson, Owner, Stage Presence Home Staging Services

Certified Staging Professional (CSP)

Home Staging has become a necessity in recent years, as the expectations of buyers have changed along with a new housing market reality: People prefer to see a property online, and when they visit in person, prefer not to see any major work to do.

Stage Presence Home Staging works with Realtors and Sellers to evolve a space quickly, and within budget, for a faster sales experience. Verna Hutchinson and her team translate a great passion for Interior Design and combine this with the Buyer’s Perspective.

As a Certified Staging Professional, Verna’s team will incorporate essential elements of decor, furnishings and accessories to the project for both Occupied and Vacant Staging, ensuring the creation of beautiful spaces that create light, warmth, and space, recommending any necessary light renovations to help the Seller and Realtor achieve a successful Sale.

Understanding the value of all elements of great design, the Stage Presence Team will showcase a property to appeal to many types of buyers.

Contact Verna for Home Staging Consultations at:  (604) 889-1976, or by email at:


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